Sunday, October 25, 2009

okay google, take my soul...

Dear google, I converted to gmail, and often encourage others to do the same. I google to a fault. I reference google books. I use google reader to "keep myself up to date on current events", but mostly just to read friends' blogs. I love gchat. So go ahead, be my blogging provider as well. You are taking over the world, so why not my life?

I decided it was time. I have been reading and keeping up with friends' blogs for some time now. I always enjoy hearing what is new in the lives of those I love, discovering what they are learning, and simply reveling in the beauty of words and pictures which can say so much.

When asked what hobbies or activities I enjoy, I often list reading and writing among them.

Since graduating from college (whoop?), I have enjoyed the freedom of being able to read books for pleasure. That is probably my favorite thing about not being in school. Well, that and no tests.

I just remember always feeling guilty for picking up a book if it was not a textbook. But now, I can read whatever I want! Currently, I am finishing up the Mark of the Lion series. I loved the first two books, but the third has been harder to get through. I read A Thousand Splendid Suns in the middle of it.

Reading has been wonderful, but I cannot say I have been as faithful in writing. Thankfully, I get to use writing in my job currently, writing press releases, but I also feel it is important to write out what I am learning and how I am growing as God refines me. I like looking back at old journals (though I have never been consistent with them) to see where I was in life in that snapshot moment in time. I like knowing that I have matured some since then, and that God has been guiding me the whole way. Whether I was faithful or not.

I was caught by a strange older man on a bicycle one day when I tried to run into a convenience store in College Station to buy a spice for my hummus. If I came away with anything good out of that hour plus conversation, where I was trapped between my car and car door trying to escape, I am thankful. But I do remember that after I told him I might want to use writing after college, he asked me, "When did you last write?" I said, "Well, I guess a week ago or so. I had a paper due and..."
"No, no, no", he said, "If you want to write, you need to write every day. Every day."
I left feeling confused and a bit ashamed, but that admonition did stick with me.

So here I am, a blogger at last. You won, google, and crazy old man at Aggie "Kwik" Stop. You won.

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  1. I am glad you have a blog! We will be in Houston for Thanksgiving and I hope we get to hang out!