Saturday, October 31, 2009

the ghost of halloweens past.

I keep forgetting that it is Halloween today.

Except for when my mom and I went to tea house in China Town this afternoon, and the Asian girls serving us behind the counter were dressed as a lady bug/butterfly and some sort of death victim with face scratches and a mysterious hickey.

Halloween just came up so fast this year. It sneaked up on my mom too, who ended up dressing Connor in his Batman costume from two years ago, so that he has long black socks and a long-sleeve shirt to cover up his 3/4 length sleeves and pants that come approximately to his knees. We look so rich.

Last year, I was still in college. Thus, I was planning this event for some time. You see, my roommate and best friend, Tahni and I felt the need to top any of the crazy stunts and photo albums we had previously published. And that meant taking our Halloween costumes to drastic measures. It all started in a Goodwill. Our eyes landed on wedding dresses. We looked at each other, and we knew what needed to be done.

Tuxedo pants, heels, a painted stache, and a strand of pearls later, we were on our way to win a costume contest. And win we did, my friends.

All we have left of that crazy escapade is a couple of albums of photos on facebook that will "haunt" us for the rest of our lives. But mostly just make us laugh.

I told Tahni recently that I thought about our wedding pictures during Obama's speech to high school youth in Virginia this year, when he said, "be careful what you post on Facebook." "Whatever you do," he told them, "it will be pulled up later in your life."

Fortunately, this year, Tahni really is engaged to be married. It is truly her turn to be the bride. And hopefully now, people will not mistake us for a couple.

Connor did have some fun tonight, however. While I was putting out fall decorations at the front door, he and my mom used the smaller pumpkin to carve a jack-o-lantern. This is something that my mom had been promising him for a couple of weeks.

And when that toothy grin was completed, and ready to be lit with candles and placed on the table of decorations, my mom asked Connor what he wanted to name him.
"Heather", he responded immediately.
"Heather?" my mom asked. She wanted to be sure.
"Yes, Heather."
"Okay.... Is there a reason you want to call it Heather?"
"I really like that name."

Connor, you never fail to surprise us. I love it.

Me, Connor, and Heather.

"Wedding photos" by Meghan Garner.


  1. sweet ale, i love reading your thoughts, both on here and in your mind ;) whoa i know right?! j/p, but i agree with you that i like reading about those i love. i love you and will leave more substantial comments when it's not late into the nite...ah, but your gift is ready!

    ttys, sweet hermana en Cristo!
    -ole griff

  2. that Halloween was pretty sweet! and your costumes were incredible. I'll never forget the "hobo's" trying to beat y'all for that prize...I do have to say that the fact that they rolled in dirt was impressive, but not as impressive as the drawn on mustache and wedding dress. ;)